Crosspower clubs, growing the people in our community


Our boxing gym, led by Ngatuaine Thomas is a beating heart of Crosspower.

Over 180 community members ages 6 to 60 + from novice to professional utilise the Prideland gym as a space to learn, get fit and active. Our training team provide a positive whanau environment.

Prideland is a space that also caters to our youth who are looking for a place to go during the day, we welcome those who are looking for a space to work out and who are keen learn from the team here.

Cubs (6-14 years) FREE

This class teaches the basic fundamentals of boxing.
Tuesday / Thursday 4 – 5pm

Tigers (16+) FREE

Advanced class for those with boxing experience.
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 3:30 – 6pm

Pride (Men and women 16+)

Community boxing classes to get fit and active for all those 16 and up. Participation in this class requires a gold coin donation.
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 5-6pm

Leopards (10-15 years) FREE

Intermediate level of boxing taught.
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 4 – 5pm

Lions (Any age) FREE

Pro fighters training.
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 3:30 – 6pm

Stingers (Women 16 +)

Women only community class, come along learn boxing techniques and get fit all while having fun. Participation in this class requires a gold coin donation.

Savage Art and Design

The Crosspower Art cave as we call it is led by master carver and artist Troy Jackson who has over 20 years of experience.

Fostering the talents of our local community both young and old, Savage Art and Design is a place to extend the boarders of creativity and learn new skills.

Afterschool Art (5-13 years) FREE

More details coming soon.

Off the wall school programme

Art mural programme delivered in schools in the South Auckland region. Please contact us for more information.


Soar is the Crosspower Dance academy. Soar is a space where dancers from our community come together to learn, teach, and share their skill or style with other dancers.

Soar also hosts local and international dance choreographers and events. Keep an eye out for updates and events on facebook.

LGC Community classes (14+) $5

Keep an eye out for any classes coming up. Start date for 2017 TBC

Krump (All ages) FREE

Krump all levels open jam session to start again soon.

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